Eyeing the emerging trends and forecasting future reeds, we sharpen our focus on infrastructure and invest in it. This approach has helped us to stand apart in our segment. With better tools and infrastructural prowess, we distinguish ourselves as a company capable of meeting client's exact needs.

What fuels us is a quest to improve ourselves. Be it in terms of technology, tools or manpower training. By keeping ourselves updated, we unfurl an array of solutions that empower our clients to stay ahead of their competition.

Our expertise empowers us to deliver a broad spectrum of civil engineering work. With modern infrastructure, uncompromising quality standards, advanced technologies and tools we have enriched clients from various industries and diverse commercial enterprises. The acknowledgment of our engineering prowess is ably reflected in successful bagging of repeat orders. It also stands testimony to our abilities to deliver efficient solutions even in the most challenging projects.

List of Equipment/ Machinery Owned by the Company

Sr. No. Name Qty. Unit
1 Ajax Fiori Batching Plant RLA 20 1 Nos.
2 Ajax Fiori Self Loading Mobile Batching Plant AR - 400 2 Nos.
3 Universal RM-800 Batching  Concrete Mixer 1 Nos.
4 Concrete Mixer machine (Capacity 1 Bag) 7 Nos.
5 ACE Make Mobile Tower Crane (3625) 1 Nos.
6 JCB Excavator 1 Nos.
7 Tractor With Trolley 1 Nos.
8 Trolley Mounted Water Tanker 2 Nos.
9 Material Hoist/ Lift(300 Ft) 1 Nos.
10 Concrete Vibrator 15 Nos.
11 Concrete Breakers(Bosch Make) 3 Nos.
12 Bar-Cutting Machine upto 40mm Dia 2 Nos.
13 Bar-Cbending Machine 2 Nos.
14 Electric Operated Pumps 15 Nos.
15 Motocycle for Staff Movement 5 Nos.
17 Cars 3 Nos.
18 Mahindra Bolero Pickup Van 1 Nos.
16 Welding Machine 6 Nos.
18 Floor Grinder & Polishing Movement 5 Nos.
19 Wood Plaining Machine 2 Nos.
20 VDS Trimix Flooring System with Multi Screed Vibrators upto 12Mt Span with Ride - On Trowel 2 Nos.
21 Surface Vibrators 1 Set
22 Soil Compactors & Rammers 4 Nos.
23 Laser Level Machine 1 Nos.
24 Electronic Theodolite 1 Nos.
25 Dumpy Level Machine 6 Nos.
26 JCB Make DG Set 2 Nos.
27 Total Station(Survey Instrument) 1 Nos.
28 Material Testing Lab Equipment 1 Set
29 HP A1 Colour Printer 1 Nos.

Centering/ Shuttering & Staging Material

Sr. No. Name Qty. Unit
1 M.S. Adjustable Props 7000 Nos.
2 M.S. Spans 2000 Nos.
3 M.S. Pipes 2000 Nos.
4 M.S. Shuttering Plates of Various Sizes 7000 Nos.
5 M.S. Acrow Plates 1500 Nos.
6 M.S. Scaffolding "H" Frame 700 Nos.
7 Wall Form Shuttering 500 Rmt.
8 M.S. Cuplock System 9000 Nos.