An organization is only as good as its employees. So at Parikh Construction, we try to create a culture that nourishes everyone irrespective of their designation. By fostering teamwork and cross functional working, we inspire a working culture based on mutual understanding and respect. While working in a team, we ensure that there is enough opportunity for individuals to develop their individual skills and competencies. Our working culture is also a major factor that we have been able to retain and attract best talent from diverse sectors.

Employee welfare is of utmost importance to us. Adoption of HSE policy reinforces our commitment to employee care. Our strict adherence to HSE policy has guided us to invest in the best of safety equipment and Employee Insurance scheme.

The Management Team

Mr.Yogesh Shah Partner

Mr. Yogesh Shah is the key strategist and mentor He enriches Parikh Construction with 32 years of industry experience. With a Diploma in Civil Engineering, he has added expertise in Onsite Management and Project execution. He is also the Chief Coordinator for the organization. With his meticulous approach, he nurtures the growing ambitions of the company and transfuses strategic vision among others.

Mr. Amit Parikh Partner

With his 23 years of industry experience, Mr. Amit Parikh empowers the organization in streamlining the Work Execution, undertaking stringent Quality Contra! initiatives, and Housekeeping measures at the site. He also enriches the company on matters like sound construction methodologies and good workmanship. Though a Diploma in Civil Engineering, Mr. Amit Parikh also displays penchant for Finance and Taxation. He has a sharp acumen for Business Development and oversees the finalizing and detailing of the commercial value of every project.

Mr. Alkesh Shah Partner

Mr. Alkesh Shah has 22 years of industry experience and oversees the daily execution of projects. With his vision and skills, Mr. Alkesh Shah engineers new concepts and ideas for better management of projects. He also ensures optimum utilization of resources so as to complete the project within the stringent timeline. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering